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Jordan-Webb is a management advisory services firm helping clients with globally and locally distributed work groups use the world-wide-web for collaboration, knowledge capture and decision making.

The firm brings value to clients by eliminating the constraints of space (where team members are located) and time (when team members can participate).

The firm accomplishes this by providing clients with:

  • access to a web-based collaborative environment
  • methods and techniques to map work processes into the environment
  • facilitation to manage collaborative group processes
  • training to transfer the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to clients
  • mentoring and coaching to share experience and wisdom with clients
  • strategies for deploying the environment throughout the enterprise

The firm also provides group facilitation services that include working with groups:

  • in traditional face-to-face meetings - where all participants are at the same time and place
  • in synchronous meetings - where participants are at different places but at the same time 
  • in asynchronous meetings - where participants are at different times and at different places

Other services include survey design & administration, focus group design & moderation, management consulting, public speaking, facilitator mentoring & coaching, product sales and training for the facilitation toolset. 

The principles of facilitating divergent stakeholder groups into teams that can build consensus on difficult issues and decisions remain a constant challenge. 

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