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FORTÉ® provides online communication style reports to over 6,000 corporate clients across the globe.

FORTÉ® tools help organizations to recruit and retain the right people, to develop people to improve their communication skills, to improve individual & team performance, to minimize conflict and to build resiliency.

The Forté report is a robust, highly accurate communication style report, used globally for over 30-years for personal development at all levels and sizes of organizations. It shares the "who" you are, increasing self-awareness, how you are currently adapting to your environment and how you are "most likely" coming across to others.

Based on this profile it then gives you a communications strategy that will strengthen workplace communication and performance.

Completing the two Forté Communication Style Surveys will take less than 8 minutes. You will be emailed a shortened version of the report immediately upon completion. The report will identify your Forté Primary Preferences (page 3) and share with you how you've been adapting over the last 30 days. The bottom of this page will also show you your Goals Index.

The Forté Communication Style Report measures an individual’s communication style, and how they are currently adapting and being perceived, providing evidence-based measures of resiliency that individuals and organizations utilize to understand and maximize long-term performance.

You can recall those times, say mid-afternoon, when you were ready to call it a day, and those times you remained highly motivated and focused to achieve your goals well into the evening. What was different about those times? The Forté Resiliency Process answers that question!

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