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Predicting Project Success and/or Early Warning of Project Failure

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About MeetingQuality

MeetingQuality Deliverables

What is MeetingQuality?

  • MeetingQuality is a service that uses a patent pending combination of perception measures and artificial intelligence to predict project success or to warn of project failure. 
  • MQ provides project course correction opportunities far in advance of any other measurement system.

Small Footprint

MeetingQuality is easy to implement:

  • no technical support requirement
  • short orientation & start-up time for teams
  • minimal change management requirement
  • ease of invoking the process
    (add MQ email address to meeting invitations)
  • ease of engaging in the process
    (3 to 4 questions, 45 seconds to respond)


MeetingQuality provides immediate improvements in productivity, efficiency & performance in meetings:

  • Real-time participation metrics help individuals and teams recognize the need for performance improvement

  • Immediate, anonymous feedback allows participants to self-select out of meetings where they feel they may add little value

  • Mining of MeetingQuality data enables cross-functional analysis & reporting of metrics from meetings involving projects, customers, management, recruitment, safety, strategy development and performance appraisals.

Deliverables - Metrics / Reports

  • PSP (Project Success Probability) - assessing the likelihood of a project's success (by Steering Committee & Project Team Members) (0-100%) – possibly the only new performance metric introduced this century

  • MPS (Meeting Promoter Score) - calculating how meeting attendees rate each other's contributions anonymously (0-100%)

  • MQS (Meeting Quality Score) - calculating how meeting attendees rate a meeting's quality (0-100%)

  • Monthly and Quarterly governance assessment reports for Steering Committees (including: Scope, Cost, Resources, Change, etc.)

  • Monthly and quarterly portfolio summary reports to steering committee members and stakeholders

  • Comparisons of how men and women rate each other’s meeting contributions

  • Confidential Meeting Promoter Score (MPS) Network Map showing (by color-code) how a participant has been rated by peers, and showing (by color code) the quality of the relationship of that participant with everyone else in the network

  • Anonymous Action Item Reports (revealing un-voiced concepts, concerns, emotions and sentiments) as analyzed using Artificial Intelligence (IBM Watson)

  • Risk-value analysis of alternative choices in real-time
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