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MeetingSphere is an interactive collaborative platform and a great supplement to teams using web conferencing, document management, content management and other online collaborative tools.  It is also an excellent entry-level platform for organizations that are new to collaborative tools.

The MeetingSphere platform is different from other meeting tools as it is designed to enable interaction and collaboration between individuals and teams engaged in collective decision-making, problem solving, risk analysis, marketing research, strategy planning, innovation, creativity, human capital management, organization development etc.

The MeetingSphere has a radically different approach to usage and pricing and is easily available to individuals and organizations via the Cloud and dedicated servers. Trial Subscriptions and Paid Individual Host Subscriptions may be setup instantly from Jordan-Webb's online self-service MeetingSphere Shop.

MeetingSphere's subscription model is scalable to the number of Host Subscribers (leaders). Each Host may engage an unlimited number of Participants in an unlimited number of Meetings.  MeetingSphere's intuitive user-interface and minimal training requirement encourages the proliferation of usage.

MeetingSphere’s scalability and its meeting design tools make it easy to conduct many types of collaborative processes in meeting rooms, on teleconferences and in both synchronous and asynchronous web meetings.  MeetingSphere is available as a 30-day free trial subscription to individuals, and by paid subscription to individuals and organizations in six customizable modes. It is accessible from the Cloud or from dedicated on-premises servers.

Use of MeetingSphere will result in dramatic cost and time reductions and increased quality of decisions and project/program outcomes.

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