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Key MeetingQuality Metrics


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MeetingQuality provides orgaizations with metrics and procedures in the following three business domains:

  • Project Success
  • Culture (Organizational Outcomes)
  • Customer Acquisition / Retention

Background Information

  • You are about to experience a graphic overview of several Use Cases that demonstrates pragmatic deployments of Meeting Quality (MQ).

  • Meeting Quality (MQ) is a leading-edge suite of online productivity/efficiency procedures and software as-a-service (SaaS) that provides feedback to organizations in the form of metrics collected directly from that organization’s actiivities

  • Through practical uses of artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms and common sense procedures, MQ helps organizations discover, measure and adjust for the impact of people’s relationships on work issues, identify and resolve issues before they become problems, and predict the potential for success or failure

  • Combined with the advisory services of Consulting Partners, MQ provides opportunities for project course correction and process improvement far in advance of any other measurement system.

  • MQ augments methodologies, techniques, tools, etc. already in use, requiring only minimal training for admins, orientation for users and change management for an organization.

Use Case Menu

These Use Cases provide step-by-step visualizations of how MeetingQuality is implemented in selected meeting types.
These illustrations underscore the small footprint required to initiate and deploy MeetingQuality:
Project Success Family Use Cases
Culture Use Cases
  • Board Meeting
  • Prospective Candidate for Hire Meeting
  • Project Risk Meeting
Customer Acquisition/Retention Family Use Cases
  • First Meeting with Prospective Customer
  • Subsequent Meetings with Customer
  • Sales Team Review
  • Quarterly Business Review

Viewing Hints (enable popup windows for

  • You will cycle through the Use Case overview pages manually using the next / previous buttons

  • Each Use Case illustrates:

    • how Participants are invited to meetings
    • Participant post meeting actions
    • metrics and reports sent to Participants automatically by MeetingQuality
    • what Participants do with the metrics and reports (assisted by Consulting Partners)
    • metrics and reports Consulting Partners send to Participants periodically and/or on-demand

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